HISquest - Real Time Patient Feedback System

by Leicestershire Health Informatics Service 21. January 2014 10:06

HISquest is an e-survey system from Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) which allows the collection of real-time patient feedback. This technology has been upgraded by Leicestershire Health Informatics Service to offer its users the optional capturing and real time reporting of the Friends and Family Test to link in with NHS England’s new system to improve standards of care.

From December 2014, the Friends and Family Test will be available at all GP surgeries. It asks ‘would you recommend this service to a friend or family member’ and follows the roll-out of the test for patients staying in hospital. As in other areas of the health service, the overall results will be published online as part of a drive to improve quality and transparency. HISquest allows services to capture all the data required to ensure the care received by NHS patients are service users meets the criteria set out by NHS England.

The Friends and Family Test was created to provide services with the ability to identify the areas that service users feel that need improvement as well as recognising good practice in the quality of care provided to NHS patients and service users.

The test has been put into place to ensure the NHS remain vigilant to ensure that patients are not subjected to poor quality of care in the future which was discovered in the Francis Report.

The response for the Francis Report was published by the Department of Health and that was that the only acceptable answer to the Francis Report is that the NHS changes as a result of the findings. NHS England has been establishing a new system and responsive system with the quality of care at the heart of the system. 

An 11-point scorecard has been created against which performance will be measured by direct feedback from patients and their families as well as feedback from NHS Staff. This quick, consistent, standardised patient experience indicator will provide organisations, employees and the public with a simple, easily understandable headline metric, based on near real-time experience.

·        It will enable the views of patients and their families to be heard and provides a platform to shape and deliver better services.  Patients will be able to use the information to make decisions about their care and to challenge their local trusts to improve services while championing those who excel

·        It will mean that employees from ‘boards to wards’ will be informed and empowered to tackle areas of weak performance and celebrate and build on what’s working well, using the results from this test and other sources of intelligence

·        Tracking trends in test results will also provide validation of where targeted improvements are most effective and results can be triangulated with other quality indicators and measures to provide more in-depth understanding of issues and areas of improvement

NHS England guidance on the Friends and Family Test aimed at NHS Trusts and other organisations can be found here.

An NHS Choices guide aimed at patients can be found here found here.

For more information on LHIS’s HISquest product or general IT support with regard the Friends and Family Test, please contact info@leics-his.nhs.uk.

6 of the best eHealth news sources

by Leicestershire Health Informatics Service 13. September 2011 15:50

There’s a lot going in ehealth these days and it’s not always easy to find the latest news, but the websites listed below can help. They are some of our favourite ehealth news sources – and we hope you find them useful too. But if you have any other ehealth websites or publications you’d like to recommend why not click on the comments link at the bottom of the blog post and tell us all about them…

British Journal of Healthcare Computing (BJHC)
The BJHC relaunched in January, with a brand new design, structure and focus. The new focus is on the medical benefits of information technology, presented through news, views and the practical experiences of the users of the technology. In March this year, the British Journal of Healthcare Computing joined so2say communications and the HealthTech Wire News Partner Network. This enables it to play a key role in presenting British news, views and experiences in healthcare IT across Europe′s largest online news network for health IT.

E-Health Insider (EHI)
A website with NHS and healthcare IT news and a jobs board dedicated to the recruitment of IT professionals in the UK healthcare sector. Currently campaigning for the development of a new role - chief clinical information officer - to provide clear clinical leadership on IT projects and the use of information in NHS organisations, which it believes will significantly improve the way the NHS harnesses information technology and uses information.

European ehealth news (web-based) publication that covers the European ehealth industrial and research sectors, promoting awareness of the latest trends, achievements and technology in the field.

Guardian Healthcare Network / Informatics
Analysis, news, comment and data, covering informatics/ICT issues. The Guardian Healthcare Network builds on the success of SmartHealthcare.com, which has covered health and social care informatics and ICT for the past two years. That site's archive, along with ongoing coverage of this important topic, can be found on the informatics pages.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)
Includes informatics articles in the areas of clinical care, clinical research, translational science, implementation science, imaging, education, consumer health, public health, and policy. JAMIA's articles describe innovative informatics research and systems that help to advance biomedical science and to promote health. Case reports, perspectives and reviews also help readers stay connected with the most important informatics developments in implementation, policy and education. 

Public Technology.net
Highlights the transformational impact of technology on front-line service delivery and back office efficiency through best practice, while providing thought-leadership, expert commentary and practical guidance in key strategic areas, such as cloud computing, shared services and supplier relationship management. It is the only public sector ICT online community to recognise and reward best practice through the annual UK Public Sector Digital Awards, supported by the Cabinet Office.

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