SystmOne Champion - Seth Meakin

by Leicestershire Health Informatics Service 30. May 2012 09:43

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service are proud to announce that Seth Meakin, Business Change Manager, has one been chosen as one of the 2012 SystmOne Champions.

Developers of SystmOne, TPP, were in search of users who actually improve the use of IT in their area. After helping with the migration of over 90 practices in Leicester and showing his support for the practices after the Go Live has far exceeded what is expected from an individual, Seth’s colleagues nominated him as a “true SystmOne Champion”.

SystmOne is a web hosted clinical computer system used by Healthcare Professionals in Primary Care. SystmOne fully supports the NHS vision for a ‘one patient, one record' model of healthcare. Professionals should be able to access a single source of information, detailing a patient's contact with the health service across a lifetime. This record should be accessible whatever the care setting and available so any health professional can enter information. It should document every appointment, every medication, every allergy and every contact the patient has ever had.

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service provides services to local practices within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to deploy SystmOne. As a SystmOne Champion, Seth takes us through how Leicestershire Health Informatics Service help their local practices successfully deploy and use SystmOne.


How are you feeling about your recent win?

Very pleased. It was unexpected and a great feeling to be nominated. It’s an award which is recognised at a national level and I feel very honoured to receive it.

How long have you been working for Leicestershire Health Informatics Service? Have you always been in the same role?

3 years – I started out as a lead trainer for the Training Department but have now moved to the Project Management team as a Business Change Manager. However, I am still working very closely with the Training Department

 Tell us about your background with SystmOne.

I started working with CSC which was my introduction to SystmOne. I then moved on to work for the Nottingham NHS and have also worked with Northampton NHS. Working with various NHS Trusts has allowed me to gain insight into how Trusts differ in the deployment and utilisation of SystmOne and how to make it better for our current customer base.

What would be the biggest benefit of using SystmOne with Leicestershire Health Informatics Service?

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service provides a complete support package of advice and guidance from the lead up to and including implementation of SystmOne through to the afterservice.   Leicestershire Health Informatics Service helps users to make SystmOne their own by dedicating time to produce a bespoke solution to suit the customer.  We also take show each customer the key features and benefits of SystmOne for their practice.

 Tell us about your typical day.

My day can vary depending on the Healthcare Professional that I’m working with at the time. I provide specialist training which can be on a one to one basis or group sessions. Often the sessions may be troubleshooting for the customer or providing support to utilise advanced features but we also help to make SystmOne more streamline for the user. The content can be tailored to suit the practice’s needs which can include customised templates, views, reports and system preferences.

What are the most commonly asked questions regarding SystmOne?

The main questions that we get asked regarding SystmOne are about the features and benefits of SystmOne especially how they can use it to their advantage to provide an integrated sharing system. We provide in-depth support to help them use SystmOne to its fullest potential. Customers are also concerned regarding the implication of sharing information so it is very common to be asked about how the system works for SystmOne sharing.

Why do you think Leicestershire Health Informatics Service standouts from other IT services providers?

There is a fantastic team spirit within the whole of Leicestershire Health Informatics Service. Everyone shares their skills and expertise to ensure that a full support network is in place for the customer. From the service desk team to the project management team, the customer’s requirements are the most important and Leicestershire Health Informatics Service listen to what they need and work together to help find a solution which is best suited to the customer.

What are you looking forward to now?

It’s an interesting time for Leicestershire Health Informatics Service, especially with the transfer to the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, the creation of the Clinical Commissioning Groups and the upcoming implementation of new services and features available through SystmOne such as electronic letters, GP2GP and (Electronic Prescribing System).   So there is a lot of new developments to look forward to in the future.   The SystmOne conference highlighted some exciting new developments and technologies that I’ll be keeping my eyes on.

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service work with SystmOne and EMIS web and offer the same level of service, regardless of thesystem. 




Seth Meakin with his SystmOne Champion trophy.

6 of the best eHealth news sources

by Leicestershire Health Informatics Service 13. September 2011 15:50

There’s a lot going in ehealth these days and it’s not always easy to find the latest news, but the websites listed below can help. They are some of our favourite ehealth news sources – and we hope you find them useful too. But if you have any other ehealth websites or publications you’d like to recommend why not click on the comments link at the bottom of the blog post and tell us all about them…

British Journal of Healthcare Computing (BJHC)
The BJHC relaunched in January, with a brand new design, structure and focus. The new focus is on the medical benefits of information technology, presented through news, views and the practical experiences of the users of the technology. In March this year, the British Journal of Healthcare Computing joined so2say communications and the HealthTech Wire News Partner Network. This enables it to play a key role in presenting British news, views and experiences in healthcare IT across Europe′s largest online news network for health IT.

E-Health Insider (EHI)
A website with NHS and healthcare IT news and a jobs board dedicated to the recruitment of IT professionals in the UK healthcare sector. Currently campaigning for the development of a new role - chief clinical information officer - to provide clear clinical leadership on IT projects and the use of information in NHS organisations, which it believes will significantly improve the way the NHS harnesses information technology and uses information.
European ehealth news (web-based) publication that covers the European ehealth industrial and research sectors, promoting awareness of the latest trends, achievements and technology in the field.

Guardian Healthcare Network / Informatics
Analysis, news, comment and data, covering informatics/ICT issues. The Guardian Healthcare Network builds on the success of, which has covered health and social care informatics and ICT for the past two years. That site's archive, along with ongoing coverage of this important topic, can be found on the informatics pages.

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)
Includes informatics articles in the areas of clinical care, clinical research, translational science, implementation science, imaging, education, consumer health, public health, and policy. JAMIA's articles describe innovative informatics research and systems that help to advance biomedical science and to promote health. Case reports, perspectives and reviews also help readers stay connected with the most important informatics developments in implementation, policy and education. 

Highlights the transformational impact of technology on front-line service delivery and back office efficiency through best practice, while providing thought-leadership, expert commentary and practical guidance in key strategic areas, such as cloud computing, shared services and supplier relationship management. It is the only public sector ICT online community to recognise and reward best practice through the annual UK Public Sector Digital Awards, supported by the Cabinet Office.

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