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This week is National Apprenticeship Week!

By: | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | March 15th, 2014

Did you know, one hundred years ago the most common apprenticeship was dressmaking, followed by engineering. Today in 21st century Great Britain, health and social care has become the leader in youth apprenticeships.

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) has been playing it’s part in inspiring and innovating apprentices.

Just over 2 years ago we participated in an IT Apprenticeship scheme on our IT Service Desk as part of the Leicestershire Partnership Trust Apprenticeship programme.

As part of the apprenticeship scheme LHIS shortlisted, recruited and developed three apprentices, by providing support and on-going mentorship for each individual’s career development. Giving them the opportunity to start their IT career within the prestigious IM&T industry.

The scheme has proved to be highly successful for both LHIS and the apprentices who are all making the apprenticeship programme a huge success. For LHIS the scheme has proved to be beneficial as it led to our Service Desk reducing the number of call losses, reducing the average call waiting time which resulted in an overall better customer service for our service users (thanks guys).

At the same time the apprentices employed under this scheme managed to successfully complete their apprenticeship programmes which led to all three apprentices securing full time permanent position within LHIS and other NHS Trust environments.

Due to the success of the apprenticeship programme back in 2014-2015, LHIS made the decision to continue participating in this scheme again and recruited a further three new apprentices who joined our Service Desk in September’2015.

Meekesh Patel (last photo left) & Abdul Bhatti (last photo right) were our very first LHIS Service Desk Analyst Apprentices. They both successfully completed their Apprenticeship in April 2015 and because of their good work their contract was extended till October 2015. They are now both employed as permanent Service Desk Analysts helping us provide an excellent service to our customers.

Our latest Service Desk Analyst Apprentice’s have been working with us for 2 months now. They are currently breaking into the wonderful world of IT whilst learning how to deal with customer service situations on a daily basis

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