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A day in the life of an IT Training & Support Officer

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | August 20th, 2016

The LHIS Training and Support Team consists of 3 parts; GP, Community and Mental Health all with our own areas of expertise. I work in the GP team. We not only help train and support with the clinical systems GP practices use, but we also  support the systems in Urgent Care Centres and Healthcare systems within Prisons. We also have someone ready to answer a support call 24/7/365.

At the moment we have many of our team out helping practices move to SystmOne for their clinical system, so when I’m not training I’m busy in the office taking calls. But this morning I’m out at HMP Glen Parva training new staff. Normally I wouldn’t start until 8.30, but to catch the day shift I’ve started at 7. I’ve just had 6 months working closely with the Prison Healthcare in Leicestershire so it’s always good to catch up with the staff and make sure everyone is ok with their IT, changeover is a good time to catch both the nightshift and incoming day shift of nurses, doctors and administration staff. As you can imagine, in prison is a very intense and interesting place to work so the staff can have some unusual and unique training needs and I.T. problems to overcome!

So now after a busy morning of one to one training (and after picking up some nice lunch) I’m back to Gwendolen House. A quick check of my emails and answering any queries I may have in my inbox, I’m ready for an afternoon of running training in one of our on-site training rooms. There’s always plenty of preparation to do, handouts to print plus making sure the rooms ready, not just the computers and desks but also that the kettle’s on and there plenty of drinks for the candidates!

All our candidates book on to our courses through the Learning Management System (L.M.S.) or directly through our TAG team, so I always know how many and who is coming for training.


I’ve only got three for this afternoon’s training, ‘SystmOne GP Clinical Reporting and Audit’ but that’s always good for individual coaching and working together as a group to help them cement their learning.

Once I log that everyone has successfully attended, the candidates can give feedback on the course print of their certificate of attendance, all through the L.M.S. system.

So after a tidy up finally a busy day is over. I’m not on call tonight (I cover one week in every six), so I can go home and relax and happy in the knowledge I’ve helped several people today to be better in their roles and give better frontline service! Hurrah!

Dave Cundy, IT Training and Support Officer

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