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22Dec, 2016

LHIS Security Top Tips

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LHIS Security Top Tips Be very careful when clicking on email attachments or embedded web links – if it’s unexpected or suspicious DO NOT open the attachment or link – get advice or check out the website and/or attachment name on the Internet Use strong passwords – a dictionary word can be cracked in seconds! Don’t use the same password for multiple sites – if it’s compromised, the hacker will have access to everything! Make sure your devices are regularly patched and updated – this includes smartphones and tablets – […]

staff member carrying out IT security testing
20Oct, 2016

IASME Accreditation

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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE LHIS IT ASSURANCE TEAM ON THEIR IASME ACCREDITATION! ONCE AGAIN WE HAVE ACHIEVED BOTH THEIR CYBER ESSENTIALS AND IASME GOVERNANCE CERTIFICATION FOR THE FORTHCOMING YEAR! Back in 2015, we were the first public organisation to achieve the Cyber Essentials accreditation, a real step forward in public sector IT Security, allowing us to compete with private sector organisations for high profile opportunities. Since then the team has grown their reputation year on year. The Assurance function is now viewed as the ‘go to’ organisations for penetration testing, digital forensics and a […]

FFT Friends and Family Test Multi Device
6Oct, 2016

Friends & Family Test (FFT ) Mobile App Solution

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  As part of our ongoing mobile application strategy we have launched our fully responsive Friends & Family Test (FFT) and Patient Experience Solution.     Our Patient Experience Solution is used by staff, patients and carers! We took our current GP solution which is aimed at collecting web based online and paper FFT submissions, and have built on this concept so we can now offer both a mobile app and web based solution, to cater for the needs of  varying Organisations, Divisions and Services/Teams each of which may have varying […]