Mobile Application Portfolio

Mobile Application Portfolio

Here at LHIS we pride ourselves on our ability to use the latest technology available to help our customers make improvements and efficiencies, in their organisation or to their customers! Mobile application development is a prime example of that ethos. Mobile application technology may seem out of reach to many organisations, however this is not the case.

As you can see from the below apps we have now made available on the Apple and Google Play Store, mobile app technology can be used for many things from simplifying and improving business as usual activities, such as patient communication and education, to enabling tools such as wireless availability.

This is a definite growth area for the industry, people are accessing information when and where they want to, and mobile apps allows you to target this audience directly, in the comfort of their own home or as an additional tool to be used in consultation with a customer/patient.

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) Self-Care App

The MSK app has been developed to offer support and guidance on how to manage a Musculoskeletal (MSK) condition or injury. This can relate to any injury, disease or problem with muscles, bones or joints.

Getting quick access to good information helps people with muscle, back and joint problems get back to normal quicker.

Clinical guidance and exercise videos can be of benefit to anyone with an MSK condition/injury. However, this app is aimed primarily for use by patients registered with a GP practice in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland, as guidance is dovetailed with reference to local services and links.

Our MSK App is available to download, free via both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Oxleas Dementia

The app can be used by people with dementia and their carers at any point or stage of illness so that they can use guidance to help them to manage various aspects of their life and more importantly signpost them to an array of services and organisations that provide specialised support and information, locally, regionally and nationally.

The dementia app is aimed at patients, families, and health professional alike. The app aims to empower and guidance for self–management with appropriate information, knowledge and support following diagnosis.

Our Dementia App is available to download, free via both the Apple App and Google Play stores.


Young Onset Dementia

Young Onset Dementia (YOD) is the onset of dementia before the age of 65 years and it’s becoming increasingly recognised as a very important clinical and social problem in the UK and around the world. Being able to find age appropriate information and services for young people who feel they may be experiencing signs of early onset of dementia is currently limited and this has been explored through experience of working within this life changing area of dementia care.

The YOD App was developed as a joint venture between NHS Leicestershire Health Informatics Service and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. Combining skills from both organisations (clinical knowledge + technical knowledge) to create something really exciting. The use of apps is not only more engaging as information is presented on a multimedia platform, but the use of text, audio and video is also much more accessible.

Our YOD App is available to download, free via both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Psychosis Intervention & Early Recovery (PIER)

The PIER app provides a single platform for patients and carers to learn more about the symptoms of psychosis and its management, particularly what to expect when under the PIER Team in Leicestershire. There are helpful links which provide information about psychosis and related disorders. There are useful links to improve knowledge of therapeutic interventions, including medication used to treat psychosis and other psychosocial interventions, like cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy. The app has information about the referral process, recovery and how to seek help in crises. There is focus on healthy lifestyle choices and physical health monitoring in severe mental illness.

Our PIER App is available to download, free via both the Apple App and Google Play stores.



Electroconvulsive Therapy Mobile App

For patients the easily accessible mobile app aims to demystify ECT and thereby addresses the stigma and worries that exist around the treatment. Allowing them to make an informed choice about their care.

For professionals it can be used as a training tool for ECT prescribers, psychiatry trainees, doctors and mental health nurses in the public and private sector.

Using a multimedia approach, with video, text and audio content to show all aspects of the treatment, along with interviews with clinicians and a patient.

The app was launched at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is available to download, for free.

Care Navigator Feedback App

This allows Care Navigators to receive real time feedback from clients interacting with care navigation services across the counties twelve districts of Kent County Council. An interactive, easy to use app was designed to allow clients to answer service satisfaction questions through an iPad device.

The application’s user interface was designed to accommodate a mixed demographic of users by proving accessible text, images and alternative language options. Feedback responses collated via the app are synchronised back to a KCC database for reporting and monitoring purposes.

KCC was one of 16 local authorities that received £50,000 from a LGA ‘Local Investment Programme’ grant to towards the commissioning, creation and implementation of a digital tool that assesses the effectiveness of the voluntary sector care navigation, as well as to monitor outcomes for individuals.

This app was released internally via Mobile Device Management, so is not available to view on the app store.