Psychosis Intervention & Early Recovery (PIER)

Our mobile app development team have developed a brand new and engaging mobile app, developed to help those using the PIER service in Leicestershire.

The PIER app provides a single platform for patients and carers to learn more about the symptoms of psychosis and its management, particularly what to expect when under the PIER Team. There are helpful links which provide information about psychosis and related disorders. There are useful links to improve knowledge of therapeutic interventions, including medication used to treat psychosis and other psychosocial interventions, like cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy. The app has information about the referral process, recovery and how to seek help in crises. There is focus on healthy lifestyle choices and physical health monitoring in severe mental illness.

Using a multimedia approach, with video, text and audio content to show all aspects of the treatment, along with interviews with the PIER team.

The app is available to download today for free, via both the Apple App and Google Play store:

google play app download button  apple store app download button


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