CMS Products

Specially designed GP Content Management System

LHIS provides easy to use websites with dynamic modern designs. There is a wide choice of templates to pick from for a competitive price. We also offer an option on all our websites, which allow customers to create websites, which enhances patient interaction.

HISgpcms was designed and created for GP’s

Features and Benefits

– Ability to create unlimited pages with pictures and videos

– Responsive design works with mobile phones and tablet devices

– Facility to upload your own documents, images and videos

– Add in a Dynamic Health News and Scrolling Newsfeed

– Function to create your own blog

– Repeat prescription and appointment function which ties into your clinical system

– Integration of Friends and Family Test online tool

– Virtual Patient Participation Group (PPG) feature

– Patients can book or cancel appointments online

–  Easy access to leaflets for your patients such as travel vaccination leaflet.

–  Patients can access details regarding your practice 24/7.

– Secure hosting which can secure transmit Patient Identifiable Data (PID)

Content Management System

HIScms is a cloud hosted Content Management System (CMS) with additional associated services to provide maximum benefits of implementing a CMS for the organisation.

With our HIScms you can update your content using a very simple online interface, enabling you to regularly update text, pictures, videos, podcasts, links or news items on your website. We also offer content and development support so you can make sure your site is up-to-date, informative and looks fresh and reflective of your organisational offerings.

Features and Benefits

– We have a vast range of templates that you can pick from and adapt to suit your organisation and their corporate brand.

– All templates meet the required accessibility and usability standards that mean your web solution will be extremely robust, future-proof and available to a broad audience.

– All of our websites are securely hosted and your data is backed up externally every night. The organisation can add as many users as the website administrator to help maintain the site and even lock down certain areas for super users.

– Can integrate social media platforms such as twitter, YouTube and even add a blog to help increase engagement with visitors to your website.

– Administrators requires almost no technical skills or knowledge to manage the website as HIScms has an easy to use interface, therefore changes to the website can be made by staff within the organisation.

– Able to integrate repeat prescription ordering and an online appointment system to help reduce administration time for practice staff.

– An integrated statistics tool can help you monitor the traffic to your website and allows you to evaluate the most successful content on your site.