Virtual Communications Platform

HISlync is a Microsoft product which can allow users to communicate with their colleagues using methods such as Instant Messaging, Audio and Video Conferencing through their PC, Tablets and Smartphones*. HISlync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, and video.

HISlync used for tele-consultations

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service worked with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to launch the use of Microsoft Lync for training and professional development system for mental health, to drive up the quality of care alongside.The Trust is also using Microsoft Lync to trial ‘tele-consultations’ with patients and ‘virtual’ handovers, allowing staff to share information in a confidential setting without having to take time out from direct patient care for travelling.

It uses secure technology behind the N3 network to train and develop groups of clinicians at different sites simultaneously. Numerous users at each base can interact with colleagues and trainers at the other sites via a secure encrypted session which can also be projected onto a large screen linked to a polycom microphone, specially designed to be used for Microsoft Lync video conferencing.

Each training session is recorded and saved as a podcast which is available to clinicians who are unable to attend in person. It means that clinicians can keep up to date with mandatory training – usually delivered from the Trust’s training hub on the Glenfield Hospital site – as well as update their skills and qualification. Following the six-month pilot.

Features and Benefits

– Audio and Video Conferencing features allow users to move between instant messaging to voice to video chat.

– Users can join a scheduled online meeting, start a conference call and invite other people into the conversation.

– Users can share any application from their desktop, give control to others, transfer files, create a whiteboard and share a PowerPoint presentation.

– Users can integrate existing Microsoft products such as Outlook and SharePoint. Users can create online meetings directly from Outlook, check the availability of a colleague whilst on SharePoint, to name a few

– Rich presence information helps employees find each other and choose the most effective way to communicate at a given time. Instead of e-mailing documents back and forth for approval you can work in real time.

– Users connect anywhere Internet connection is present without any requirement of Virtual Private Network (VPN) even if they are 1,000 miles away and don’t have HISlync.

– LHIS host HISlync on our own N3 servers and network; maintaining control over sensitive servers and network; maintaining control over sensitive data that would otherwise be transmitted over public telephone networks and third party conferencing platforms, making it more secure than competing products.

– Mobile and home workers can collaborate with colleagues by PC, phone or smart phone and not come into the office.