Data Warehousing

Data Migration Services

Experience and expertise in large scale migration of data resulting from system/supplier change. This includes data cleansing, transforming/translating the data as per the specification for the destination system and iterative data loading of selected information through data migration tools provided by the supplier and/or bespoke routines developed for the purpose. Exceptions reporting to highlight any anomalies are produced.

Data Hosting and Storage Services

We provide managed hosting of data for third party applications or internal data repositories. Hosted data is subject to stringent security protocols and Disaster Recovery / High Availability features can be provided as required to safeguard against failures. Pseudonymisation or Anonymisation of data can also be provided to manage secondary use of sensitive data.

Extract, Transform and Load

With our ETL expertise you can combine the contents from multiple sources into one comprehensive database, giving you easily manipulated homogeneous data to meet your business planning and reporting needs. We process over 7 billion records each annum using SSIS and other loading routines. The solutions provided are scalable and for example the regional Data warehouse developed for commissioning had 10TB of data. We also provide expertise in migration of existing ETL processes to latest  technology.

Database Administration

Our dedicated DBA function provides Installation, Security, Access Controls, Performance Tuning/ Optimisation, Maintenance, Backup/DR/High Availability, and other DBA activities to a variety of clients. While majority of such activities are provided for  Microsoft SQL Server, we can also support you with Oracle and MySQL.