Desktop IT Services

IM&T Support

LHIS Engineers ensure that all deployed equipment is correctly configured, to an agreed build and installing additional working applications that the end user needs to carry out their role. They offer hands on support, advice and resolution training.

The support services include desktops, laptops, smart phones (Blackberry, Android, iOS) workgroup servers, business and clinical applications, local telephony handsets and cabling which is adhered to agreed standards and service levels and provided in a safe and secure manner. The Engineers will troubleshoot various technical problems the customer may experience and take ownership of that problem until resolution.

IT Equipment Move

LHIS are able to support your IT equipment move whether it’s from one room to another in the same building or entire site moves. LHIS can help you get reconnected quickly to ensure minimum disruption to your services. The LHIS IT Equipment move covers reconnecting and configuration of IT equipment including printers, PCs, scanners, laptops and telephones.

Managed Desktop Services

The LHIS Managed Desktop Services source equipment for engineers; modernise and automate the deployment, redeployment (if required), patching and disposal of said equipment.

They also ensure the appropriate and responsible, safe use and installation of IT equipment, including repair and maintenance takes place and assist LHIS customers to resolve billing enquiries for Landline, Mobile Phone Voice and Data Usage.

The service also includes the monitoring of patches and upgrades that are available and are responsible for the thorough testing, release and eventual deployment through automated tools for all supported services.

Active Directory Services

The LHIS User Accounts team can create new user accounts and remove user accounts within Active Directory and maintain access control within email solutions, including NHSmail administration, clinical system access and folder access to shared or home drives.

The User Accounts team manages the security of sensitive information and ensures that the checking of required security documentation is completed to the required standard, that only the authorised signatories have sanctioned the requests for access whilst ensuring correct and appropriate IT system access is given to each and every staff member within your organisation.

Asset Registers

LHIS can provide an Asset Management service to for your organisation to help monitor and maintain a list of your IT assets such as the number of PCs, Desktops or printers. The Asset Register can also help organisations to understand the life cycle of their devices and manage the distribution. LHIS provide a reporting service to help organisations with strategic decision making regarding the life span of the device, the location and number of active/inactive that are currently owned by your organisation.

PC / Laptop Imaging

A laptop and PC imaging service provided by LHIS to organisations from many sectors to create a standard image for devices throughout the organisation. After selecting a device from our wide range, we are then able to deploy the device with your organisations chosen image. The image installs a standard set of software (operating system and applications) all at once, which provides a consistent and secure environment. Additional software can also be uploaded on request. Our engineers can copy your files, data, and settings from the old computer to the new computer.

IT Equipment Repair

LHIS have skilled engineers who are able to carry out diagnostics and repairs with most items being fixed quickly. Our repair services cover many types of equipment, which includes but is not limited to laptop, PC and mobile device repairs as well as virus and spyware removal, and even Microsoft Windows configuration issues.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

LHIS provides Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) as a value added service to its support offerings. LHIS engineers are able to provide on-site testing to support organisations audit, compliance and health and safety requirements. LHIS provides pass/fail asset labels and an emailed test certificate once testing is complete.

Rolling Replacement

The Rolling Replacement programme is built on the basis of replacing IT hardware on a agreed refresh programme. This ensures that all IT equipment for your organisation is in good working condition and under the manufacturer’s warranty.