Enterprise Systems

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity options at our fail-over site are available. LHIS offers customers highly granular and highly frequent backups. All our backups are synchronised automatically to our off-site storage and are ready for instant retrieval. The retention period of the backups can also be specified to meet customer needs.

Email Storage

LHIS secure hosted Email provides a reliable, robust and easy to use mail solution. This business class solution provides centralised email, calendars, contacts and tasks for keeping in touch and up to date in the office, on site or on the road. LHIS provides an enterprise grade infrastructure for customer organisations saving them from needing to invest mail servers, software licences, security and administration.

Network Management

LHIS offer services to look after Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) connections which includes LAN to LAN connections, remote access to LAN via VPN solution and delivery of applications across the WAN. LHIS network management also extends to telephony which includes NTL Centrex, PBXs, inter-site telephony, Community dial plan, mobiles and smartphones. LHIS can also offer N3 and PSN connectivity for sites and the provision of data and voice access points via cabling or wireless (Wi-Fi) as required.

Internet, N3 and Networking

The environment can be accessed over the internet, via VPN or N3/PSN. Bandwidth and
latency are dependent on the application and the connection type.
Perimeter security services provide a layered protection at the perimeter of LPT’s network
and server infrastructure, bringing together security capabilities based on firewalls, intrusion
detection and prevention services (IDS and IPS) and DDoS protection and mitigation