IM&T Strategic Support

Budget Management

LHIS have the specialist skills to help you understand the cost of running a service, procuring IM&T solutions or implementing IM&T strategies into your organisation. By using methods of budgetary control against a selection of cost centres, we can ensure the efficient and effective use of resources, empower to make sound business decisions, demonstrate financial accountability and
provide comparisons between actual results and planned results can be either recommended, or the necessary remedial action taken on your behalf.Whether it’s a small project or implementing a large infrastructure or managing the full IM&T budget allocation, we can help verify expenditure against target, identify changing patterns or circumstances whilst ensuring your organisation is abreast

 Business Cases and Options Appraisals

LHIS can support your organisation with capturing the reasons for initiating a project and/or task and presenting those findings in a well-structured business case, whether it be for a new product, service or a particular project you hand in mind. We examine the benefits and the risks involved with both taking the action and/or implementing the solution and conversely not taking that
action. We will ensure that an appropriate conclusion is documented for a compelling argument for implementation. Potential costs, timescales will be researched on your behalf to help you and your organisation understand the ideal solutions to your business needs. Options appraisals are also crucial to ensure decisions are fully informed and based on robust evidence. Appraisals can be applied at project, programme or policy levels, and have particular value when there is pressure to reduce costs while minimising effects on frontline services or the wider economy. LHIS research in detail all possible choices and document the key relevant sources of information to inform decision makers and influence change effectively and efficiently

Financial Planning and Capital Bids

In the changing NHS landscape it is vital to prepare and plan for the needs of your organisation to ensure equipment procurement is managed to achieve maximum benefit. Our capital planning specialists will work with you to maximise available budgets through identification of aggregation opportunities on an individual or regional level which can offer savings to your organisation as a whole. LHIS capital planning services can range from support around the acquisition of a single piece of high value and technically complex equipment to the equipping of a major hospital for IM&T software and hardware. Usually, within the public sector, all proposed projects that require significant capital investment (also revenue commitment) must have gone through a rigorous development process assessing purpose, benefits, operational impact and efficiencies, income generation potential and financial consequences. LHIS ensures that the limited revenue and capital resources that available to your organisation are invested in a way that provides the best value for money for both the taxpayer and your organisation.

IM&T Strategy

NHS England sets the direction for NHS information technology and informatics so that commissioners, providers and suppliers can make informed investment decisions, identifying, amongst the alternative approaches, those that deliver the highest quality care for patients. The Senior Management Team (SMT) within LHIS have many years of experience in realising the digital information needs of the NHS and for stimulating the development of new innovative information technology and information services to benefit patients, clinicians and the public. Working closely with us, we can help you define your IM&T strategy ensuring that it maintains links
to your organisations overall objectives by providing the right knowledge, skills, technology and tools to that enable information to be collected, managed, used and shared to deliver excellence in healthcare.