IM&T Training

Training Strategy

LHIS can work alongside your organisation to facilitate the design and delivery of an IM&T Training Strategy that is tailored to ensure that the personal development of staff is aligned to the business objectives of the organisation. As part of the design phase LHIS will analyse need and identify skills gaps to prioritise training which focuses on improving the current performance of the organisation, as well as ensuring that appropriate skill sets exist amongst staff for future competencies required.

Course Development

LHIS can work in partnership with your organisation to develop an exciting portfolio of training & development tools that reflect the way your staff want to learn whilst offering the flexibility to learn in a wide range of settings from face to face classroom based training to remote interactive learning which can be aligned to your IT Training strategy.

IT Training

In addition to designing and developing IT Training strategies and courses, LHIS is able to deliver training sessions on your behalf in both clinical and non-clinical settings. As LHIS is an accredited Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) training department, we are able to deliver training to a high standard; all our trainers are annually assessed via the LPI Training, Performance, Monitoring & Assessment programme to ensure consistent quality and performance

Application Support

LHIS have a specialist application support service for a number of Electronic Patient Record applications (EPR) & Patient Administration Systems (PAS) including RiO, SystmOne, EmisWeb, Tiara & HISS. The Application Support service manages and maintains a range of products used by staff in order to implement, improve upon, or achieve their business objectives.

Learning & Performance Institute – Accredited Learning Provider

LPI accreditation is the globally-recognised quality mark for providers of learning products, technologies, services and facilities. Accreditation continuously raises both learning standards and performance outcomes.

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We are also an Authorised TPMA Assessment centre. For more information click here!

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