Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

Here at LHIS we pride ourselves on our ability to use the latest technology available to help our customers make improvements and efficiencies, in their organisation or to their customers! Mobile application development is a prime example of that ethos. Mobile application technology may seem out of reach to many organisations, however this is not the case.

As you can see from the apps we have now made available on the Apple and Google Play Store, mobile app technology can be used for many things from simplifying and improving business as usual activities, such as patient communication and education, to enabling tools such as wireless availability.

This is a definite growth area for the industry, people are accessing information when and where they want to, and mobile apps allows you to target this audience directly, in the comfort of their own home or as an additional tool to be used in consultation with a customer/patient.

Bespoke App

If you need something more unique, we have the skill set to take you from concept to launch. Providing the functionality to create something specific to your needs and the needs of your customers

LHIS Code: WEB10

Rapid Application

Use a pre-existing ‘template’ to get your app straight to market! RAD apps live up to their name: rapid! Allowing you to use our experience to speed up development and reduce costs! The LHIS invested in a rapid application development platform (RAD) that allows for an iterative approach to mobile application development. We have years of experience developing applications using our RAD platform, which supports ‘low code’ builds underpinned by open standard technologies for additional development flexibility and integration with other systems. Our investment in a RAD platform equips us with the tools required to deliver cost effective application development services that meet any business mobilisation need.

LHIS Code: BDT09

Advantages of our RAD platform:

• Intuitive low code interface for rapid builds and lower developer costs
• Feature rich development tools for complex applications
• Create apps for use on any mobile operating system
• Device agnostic development – one application build for multiple devices
• Built on standard development language for ease of build and interoperability
• Offline builds previews to share and facilitate Agile development
• Integrates seamlessly with Agile development approach
• Process driven design to support business function applications

Agile Scrum

LHIS design and development services work with the Agile Scrum methodology for the lifecyle of a development project of mobile apps, the methodology being based on very iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organising cross-functional teams. The main elements within Agile are to provide Iterative, Adaptable, Rapid, Co-operative and Quality Driven software. Customers can see quickly at what stage the development is at, feedback is given routinely and often, wasted development is reduced and prioritised features are developed as mandatory.

All of the 12 Agile Principles, our team adopts, which includes satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of ‘valuable’ software, welcoming changing requirements, even late in development, delivering working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale. We ensure the ‘business’ people and our developers work together daily throughout the project and we build projects around motivated individuals, providing them with the environment and support they need and trusting them to get the work done. Regular face to face conversations are a given with our development team, working software is our primary measure of progress. The processes we have in place promote sustainable development and the sponsors, the developers and users maintain a constant pace indefinitely through the production cycle. We maintain continuous attention to detail to technical excellence and good design but we also maintain simplicity.

Our development team members are self – organising, promoting job satisfaction and empowerment to make decisions and at regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective and adjusts their patterns of working accordingly.

 Our experience in application development and the adoption of Agile Scrum within the development function has seen significant advantages over a more traditional waterfall approach both to the development team and to the client and it allows us to maximise our RAD platform used in development of applications.

Agile Software
Testing Services

LHIS has a dedicated Product and Customer Support service (PCSO) function for the application support aspect of either internally developed, bespoke and/or off the shelf software products. The PCSO function answer first and second line support queries, provide software testing and training services, create tailored bespoke system documentation and training material based on the needs of the client. The PCSOs are subject matter experts on the applications they support as typically for internally developed systems or off the shelf software solutions, they have been involved in the early adoption process where the system configuration, set up and training of the end users have taken place. This team provide dedicated software support and they provide a relationship driven service with the super users of the system. Our testers are accredited to ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) level.

Where PCSOs are part of a development project or on-going development function, they will form part of the Team Member role of a Scrum Team, working with the scrum master, product owner and other scrum team members. Under the testing/QA services umbrella, the PCSOs provide functional and non-functional/system testing support services for bugs and issue resolution in the Test environment. This service can be extended to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) services if required, however typically we like to recommend that this is the responsibility of the product owner and client super users of the system being developed. The PCSOs as part of their testing duties, manage the releases from Test and Live environments, are responsible for the ownership of issues logs and relationships with super users and the backlog/user story management for the documentation of development and testing requirements.

LHIS Code: BDT14

Agile Business
Analyst Services

Our Agile Scrum Business Analyst (BA) support services, can provide clients with support around entering Product and Sprint Backlog entries and maintenance of the backlog of tickets, user stories and acceptance criteria ensuring the Product Owner has the right level of support and capacity to fulfil their duties as a Product Owner. In Agile Scrum the Product Owner is the ‘Voice of the Customer’ with ‘Single Authority for the product’ who owns the product backlog, define the product backlog, prioritise and order the items. LHIS recognise however that this role can be a busy one which on top of a day job, can be quite labour intensive and typically welcomes that administrative support in getting the projects moving. Using the MoSCoW approach to prioritisation, this allows a versatile approach to defining what the system, product or mobile app needs to exist as a minimum viable product i.e. labelling features and functions as either a Must Have, Should Have, Could Have and Would/Wont Have.

LHIS Code: BDT14

Agile ‘Scrum Master’

LHIS work under the Agile Scrum methodology for system software design and development, using software to manage the product backlog and user stories, working closely and in full collaboration with their clients, typically the product owners and other interested stakeholders. Our dynamic, innovative, pro-active and versatile development team, consists of British Computer Society (BCS) accredited Agile Scrum Masters, Testers and Scrum Development Team members welcome open and honest collaboration with their clients, ensuring regular communication, dialogue and full transparency is maintained at all times.

The Scrum Master role itself was created as part of the Scrum framework. The name was initially intended to indicate someone who is an expert at scrum and can therefore coach others. Staff fulfilling this role lead from a position of influence, often taking a servant-leadership stance. The responsibilities of this role include but not limited to clearing obstacles, establishing an environment where the team can be effective, addressing team dynamics, ensuring a good relationship between the team and product owner as well as others outside the team and ‘protecting’ the team from outside interruptions and distractions.

The provision of a scrum master (Working using Agile Scrum methodology) which will provide appropriate facilitation for the agile development team. The scrum master will manage the process for how information is exchanged between product owner and the development team members.

LHIS Code: BDT15

  • What our customers say about us!

    PRISM Product - The facility to be able to find a wide range of resources and guidelines, all located within one single IT system which can be accessed immediately is long overdue- and most welcome!


    Dr Tom Rowley,

  • What our customers say about us!

    Having access to PRISM has streamlined my referrals in the 2 week wait pathway. I know I’m sending the patient to the right service with the right information. As we put more resources onto PRISM, I am confident that this will make the life of the busy GP easier, and patient care will benefit as a result. The patient will be seen in the right clinic by the right clinician first time and everyone  will benefit.


    Dr Tony Bentley,

  • What our customers say about us!

    The team listened to the requirements, took time to understand the national and local requirements needed to ensure the feedback was captured appropriately. We had early design meetings to ensure we were happy with the app display and function. For the roll out of the app to services we had very comprehensive support and understanding from the team, great communication on updates, technical issues, user errors and general queries. As a service we have made changes to the questionnaires throughout the process and these changes have been quickly and efficiently managed. Teams ‘on the ground’ have also benefited from the fantastic support from the team, when they have had queries with the app and the devices. The database behind the app has also improved the efficiency of collating the feedback. Working with Sarah, Kerry, Mo and Rachelle from HIS has been a great piece of partnership working, and a I have learnt from them and the experience.


    Sara Lowe,
    CHS Patient Experience and Learning Manager, CHS Governance team

  • What our customers say about us!

    I am very impressed by the support and quality of work delivered by LHIS. They were very friendly and approachable in addition to their high standards of professionalism throughout the project. The team is very motivated, dynamic and enthusiastic and went beyond their limits in completing the tasks and sticking to the project deadline. they were quick in amending/ updating the content based on expert suggestions and involved clinicians in designing and developing the app. They helped in project management ie: writing the proposal, strategic planning, approval process and exploring publicity and awards. More importantly LHIS were heavily involved in marketing the app to various healthcare organisations, presentation in various academic conferences and producing the leaflets. My special thanks go to Sarah Ost who lead the project on behalf of LHIS, Kerry Cyster and Gemma Clayton. All of their input resulted in the app being nominated for the PEN (Patient Experience Network) National Awards in March 2016. I wish LHIS much success and would recommend them to anyone considering developing similar apps.


    Dr Girish Kunigiri MBBS, MD (Psy), DNB (Psy), MBA (Quality Management),
    Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult, Clinical Director East Midlands Mental Health Clinical Networ

  • What our customers say about us!

    I greatly appreciate the support; quality and professionalism of the entire team at LHIS who helped with YOD app. They were very friendly and approachable.  The team is very motivated and enthusiastic and would go beyond their limits in completing the tasks. Although it was new venture for us as clinicians and them to be working in such an area, they were quick in understanding our clinical needs, they attended patient and care focus groups for improvising the App, amended and updated the content based on expert suggestions and were great team players to work together in designing and developing the app. More importantly LHIS supported immensely in marketing the App, presentations in various academic conferences, and producing the leaflets/pamphlets. My special thanks to Sarah Ost, Service Delivery Manager, who lead the project on behalf of LHIS; Kerry Cyster, Product & Customer Support Officer, for designing and for vigorous quality check; and Gemma Clayton, Business and Marketing Manager, for compiling/editing videos and further enhancement of the overall design making it user friendly. I wish all the success to LHIS team


    Dr Latha Velayudhan MBBS, DPM (Psy), DNB (Psy), MD (Res),
    Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age Psychiatry Senior Clinical Lecturer (Hon), Institute of psychiatry, psychology and Neuroscience, Kings College London Reader (Hon), University of Leicester

  • What our customers say about us!

    This is coming with appreciation re the ECT app you and colleagues developed. It is comprehensive and the availability of written , visual and audio information is very useful. I also think the information for professionals if read by a patients is not daunting , which allows for ECT to be destigmatised and seen as a medical procedure which we take seriously. I am the only accredited ECT Psychiatrist for this district where I  work in Australia and recently managed to wrangle more Consultant time for ECT which will allow me to streamline the service and train Registrars. For a service which did not have trained ECT nurses, we now have them and the nurses section will be useful there. I  see this app as an useful resource and see my team using it. Wishing you the best and congratulations again to you and your team.


    Anila Jacob,
    CMC Vellore Trained Psychiatrist

  • What our customers say about us!

    I would like to thank the Leicestershire Health Informatics Service worker for sorting out all my laptop problems. Colin came out to Whitwick last week (on the same day that I phoned!). He was so helpful and sorted out several problems. Even more importantly, as far as I’m concerned, he didn’t once make me feel like a complete incompetent!! He’s friendly, knowledgeable, patient and has a great sense of humour! I do hope that you can identify him through looking at the call out log for last week. He really does deserve to get a Customer Service Award.  


    Sharon Gregory,
    Health visitor

  • What our customers say about us!

    Your IT accounts administrator, has provided prompt, efficient and effective support to us, not just over the last year but for as long as I have known him. He is unfailingly polite, cheerful and approachable – significant qualities for those of us who are less than ‘experts’ and very much appreciated. It goes without saying that his advice and expertise is accurate and reliable and this, added to his admirable attitude, makes him a staff member Leicestershire Health Informatics Service should be proud of.


    Julie Glover,
    Resource Manager