Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

Here at LHIS we pride ourselves on our ability to use the latest technology available to help our customers make improvements, and efficiencies in their organisation, or to their customers!

This is a prime example of that ethos. Mobile application technology may seem out of reach to many organisations, however this is not the case. As you can see from the apps we have now made available on the Apple and Google Play Store, mobile app technology can be used for many things from simplifying and improving business as usual activities, such as patient communication and education, to enabling tools such as wireless availability.

This is a definite growth area for the industry, people are accessing information when and where they want to, and mobile apps allows you to target this audience directly, in the comfort of their own home, on the bus, or as an additional tool to be used in consultation with a customer/patient.

Do you have an idea for an app? Contact a member of our team today and we will use our expertise and experience to turn your idea into reality!

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The ECT App shows the end to end journey of a patient receiving ECT. We have content aimed at patients and carers, more technical information aimed at professionals, then interviews with the LPT team at the Bradgate Unit in Leicestershire.

We were also very lucky to include a patient interview as part of the app. PLUS the user has the opportunity to contact the team and ask questions via email!

Electroconvulsive Therapy App

Our mobile app development team have developed a brand new and engaging mobile app, specially developed and is aimed at bringing awareness around ECT. Working alongside specialists from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) we have created our mobile & tablet app.

For patients the easily accessible mobile app aims to demystify ECT and thereby addresses the stigma and worries that exist around the treatment.  Allowing them to make an informed choice about their care. For professionals it can be used as a training tool for ECT prescribers, psychiatry trainees, doctors and mental health nurses in the public and private sector.

Using a multimedia approach, with video, text and audio content to show all aspects of the treatment, along with interviews with clinicians and a patient.

Our new mobile app is available to download today, free via both the Apple App and Google Play store.

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Here you see a clip from the app. Dr Latha Velayundhan, Consultant Psychiatrists for Young Onset Dementia for Leicestershire Partnership Trust gives an introduction to the app and the Young Onset Dementia Service in Leicester.

Young Onset Dementia App

The mobile app can be used by patients themselves or by carers and professional at the time of diagnosis so that in their own time, patients and family members can use expert guidance to help them to deal with all aspects of their diagnosis.

And more importantly guide them to an array of services and organisations that can provide specialist support and information both locally and nationally.

Plus educating the patient allows them to make informed choices and have good quality conversations with the healthcare professionals involved in their care.

Within the service directory sections have been categorised, e.g. finances, transport, living well, employment, relationships, etc. Along with contact details for these resources and links to websites. Our app is a one stop guide for anyone confused or concerned about YOD.

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FFT Friends and Family Test Multi Device

“Organisations that have gone live have seen an average of 300% increase in submissions!”
“Easy to use, has increased awareness of FFT and boosted returns. Positive impact!”

Friends & Family Test (FFT) 

Web & Mobile app solution now including Patient Experience and Equality & Diversity Monitoring questionnaire

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Mobile app data can be captured offline and sync’d to the server when wi-fi becomes available
  • Key leads are notified as soon as ‘Extreme’ FFT responses are received in the database (positive and negative)
  • Web & Mobile data is available for reporting as soon as it hits the database
  • Data is captured for those service users offered the questionnaire but declined to participate!
  • Paperless submissions; working towards a paperless NHS
  • Now available for Trusts and Practices such as GP, Dental, Pharmacy and Opticians!
  • Conforms with NHS England FFT requirements!

Wireless Hotspot App

This app identify local wireless hotspots for Leicestershire and Rutland community teams, helping community workers to #GoAgile!