Website Services

Website Design

Successful website design combines accessible and interesting content with contemporary design, easy-to-use navigation and efficient functionality. LHIS can provide you with a range of bespoke designs to help you choose the best website to suit your requirements. Whether its a general information site, a large portal or a database, LHIS has the skills to produce a site to help attract more users.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) is an ongoing process that increases your website’s visibility within search engines, such as Google. If the analysis and optimization of your site is done properly, this increased visibility equates to an increase in visits, which, in turn, leads to more sales or enquiries for your business through your site. LHIS can help you develop an SEO strategy for your website to help increase the views of your site.

E-learning Services

LHIS develops and maintains E-Learning online learning content for a range of platforms. LHIS can help with content development and testing in line with your organisations e-learning needs and audience, with a content gap analysis.

LHIS can also:
• Provide a maintenance service for all your eLearning material.
• Platforms to host E-Learning content
• Help review and revise existing content to help create a more interactive and dynamic learning tool
• Create e-learning programmes with interactive images and quizzes

Secure Forms

The LHIS secure forms service provides secure online forms for the capture of sensitive data such as clinical patient data, safeguarding requests, online referrals, requests for tests or any sensitive or personal data. These can be filled out using a web browser on a PC or mobile device. The forms use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that data is encrypted in transit to NHS standards and the LHIS system architecture ensures that the stored information cannot be reached. The solution has been externally assured with network penetration testing performed. Forms can include standard form fields such as text fields, check boxes, and drop down lists. Fields can be specified as mandatory and data validation can be performed at the point of submission to ensure data quality.

Content Editing Services

LHIS know that editing and adding content to your site can be a time consuming task, so we can offer you a package to help provide a content editing service and ongoing support to help develop your site as best suited to your needs.