Cyber Security Reviews (Penetration and Vulnerability Testing)

Successful cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, causing substantial reputational damage, large fines and the loss of access to core company systems.

Penetration and vulnerability testing is a preventative measure to ensure hackers are not able to easily target your systems. It is essentially a controlled form of hacking in which a professional pen tester, working on behalf of an organisation, uses the same techniques as a criminal hacker to search for vulnerabilities in the company’s networks or applications which could be exploited.

Our specialist security and penetration testing team, who are Cyber Scheme certified, will be able to conduct web application, infrastructure vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. This service is scoped individually to ensure that the specific vulnerabilities that could expose your systems or organisation to attack are identified. Once identified, our LHIS Cyber Security Service will provide recommendations to enable your organisation to mitigate the associated threat and improve your security posture.