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Innovative IM&T Solutions

 Changing the way we view healthcare 

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 Network Penetration Testing & Website Assurance Testing 

 - Certified Information Systems Auditing Specialist 

 - Open Source & Commercial Security Assurance Testing 

 - Accredited Ethical Hacking To Protect Your Organisation & Company Data 

Computerization of healthcare system

For General Practices, Pharmacies, Dentists, Opticians
and any other qualified providers (AQP)

 Clinical Support Services 

IT Support Services

The Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) Service Desk provides a single point of contact for over 18,000 users to log, track and resolve all service requests, incidents, problems and faults which arise. Our ITIL qualified service development team can support and enhance your organisation by reviewing service processes, document and analyse requirements.

Clinical Systems

We build, develop and support bespoke, cost saving and time saving clinical systems and tools which have been designed specifically with GP’s and clinicians in mind. We develop various clinical systems, from patient referral systems to mobile and tablet applications, which can be delivered at the time of diagnosis or referral.

Network Security

As fully accredited security assurance professionals we are able to review and test Networks, Websites and applications to ensure best practice and highlight and eliminate areas of weakness and vulnerabilities which could lead to a potential leak of data or damage to your brand and reputation.

IT Training Provider

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) can work collaboratively alongside your organisation to facilitate the design and delivery of an effective IM&T Training Strategy and solution that has been specifically tailored to ensure that the personal development of your staff is aligned to the business objectives of the organisation and core values.

Can we assist with your IM&T requirements?

Specialising in healthcare and clinical systems, our Service Desk answers 8,000 – 10,000 calls every month whilst also managing the IT Infrastructure for over 400 buildings nationwide. We provide dedicated and high quality support to organisations and businesses like yours. If you have IM&T requirements or ideas please feel free to contact us today.

Security Assurance Testing

We provide accredited security assurance testing for organisations within the public and private sector. Our accredited IT security professionals are able to review and test Cloud based websites, networks, web servers, applications and server infrastructure to ensure best practice and highlight areas of weakness and vulnerabilities.

Security Services

Mobile App Development

We work collaboratively with the ever evolving needs of our customers to enable them to use the latest technology to improve their interaction with their customers/ patients.

Whether you are an NHS organisation wanting to use our experience to develop a multimedia  information app to better engage with your patients, or a business wanting to create a new platform to promote a product, our development team are ready and waiting to hear from you!

App Development

ABOUT Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) is a mature Information Management & Technology (IM&T) provider for services and solutions to over 80 customer organisations whilst supporting IT infrastructure for over 400 buildings throughout the UK.


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Clinical System Support

Leicester Health Informatics Service (LHIS) provide Clinical System Support services to organisations across the UK. Offering a range clinical support systems, including SystmOne, PRISM, EmisWeb, RiO, Tiara & HISS.
LHIS also provides Electronic Patient Record applications (EPR) & Patient Administration Systems (PAS). The Application Support service manages and maintains a range of products used by staff in order to implement, improve upon, or achieve their business objectives.

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IT Training Services & Solutions

In addition to designing and developing IT Training strategies and courses, LHIS is able to deliver training sessions on your behalf in both clinical and non-clinical settings. As LHIS is an accredited Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) training department, we are able to deliver training to a high standard; all our trainers are annually assessed via the LPI Training, Performance, Monitoring & Assessment programme to ensure consistent quality and performance.

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N3 Secure Web Hosting

The secure N3 hosting network is a Wide Area IP Network (WAN), which securely connects many different sites across the NHS. All NHS Trusts in England & Scotland are connected to the secure N3 network and it is the sole infrastructure used by these organisations to securely access web applications. This is why the majority of healthcare software providers who offer services within the NHS and public sector, decide to run their applications over the N3 network.

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Jul, 2018


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Case Study: NHS Leicestershire Health Informatics Service revitalises training with Trainer Performance and Monitoring Assessment (TPMA)   The below case study discusses the ongoing relationship between TPMA and the LHIS Training Department. The TPMA framework demonstrates our commitment to…



May, 2018


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When we conduct a penetration test one of the areas we normally test is the public facing internet IP addresses of the client we’re working for. An IP address is like a door number on the internet that anyone can knock on the door of to see if they get an answer.  It got me thinking one day about how likely an attack would be on a random internet connection…



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 YOD App 

 Our talented team at LHIS are always developing 
 innovative industry changing mobile apps.

We work closely with GP's and Clinicians in order to
 create mobile apps that improve healthcare and awareness.  


    PRISM Product - The facility to be able to find a wide range of resources and guidelines, all located within one single IT system which can be accessed immediately is long overdue- and most welcome!


    Dr Tom Rowley,


    PRISM Product - Having access to PRISM has streamlined my referrals in the 2 week wait pathway. I know I’m sending the patient to the right service with the right information. As we put more resources onto PRISM, I am confident that this will make the life of the busy GP easier, and patient care will benefit as a result. The patient will be seen in the right clinic by the right clinician first time and everyone  will benefit.


    Dr Tony Bentley,


    From the initial concept that was discussed with Sarah and her team (Kerry, Mo and Rachelle), the process to have an app that can be used across all services to capture NHS FFT feedback has been an easy one. The team listened to the requirements, took time to understand the national and local requirements needed to ensure the feedback was captured appropriately. We had early design meetings to ensure we were happy with the app display and function. For the roll out of the app to services we had very comprehensive support and understanding from the team, great communication on updates, technical issues, user errors and general queries. As a service we have made changes to the questionnaires throughout the process and these changes have been quickly and efficiently managed. Teams ‘on the ground’ have also benefited from the fantastic support from the team, when they have had queries with the app and the devices. The database behind the app has also improved the efficiency of collating the feedback. Working with Sarah, Kerry, Mo and Rachelle from HIS has been a great piece of partnership working, and a I have learnt from them and the experience.


    Sara Lowe,
    CHS Patient Experience and Learning Manager, CHS Governance team


    The ECT team with LPT in conjunction with NHS Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) developed a state of the art and first of it's kind app on Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), a specialised treatment in mental health for patients with severe depression. This is an app for all patients, carers and professionals. The clinical content was produced by ECT experts and the design, recording, editing videos and marketing was done by LHIS, The project was carried out n 2014-15 and the app was launched at the Royal College of Psychiatrists ECT Conference in November 2015 in London. I am very impressed by the support and quality of work delivered by LHIS. They were very friendly and approachable in addition to their high standards of professionalism throughout the project. The team is very motivated, dynamic and enthusiastic and went beyond their limits in completing the tasks and sticking to the project deadline. they were quick in amending/ updating the content based on expert suggestions and involved clinicians in designing and developing the app. They helped in project management ie: writing the proposal, strategic planning, approval process and exploring publicity and awards. More importantly LHIS were heavily involved in marketing the app to various healthcare organisations, presentation in various academic conferences and producing the leaflets. My special thanks go to Sarah Ost who lead the project on behalf of LHIS, Kerry Cyster and Gemma Clayton. All of their input resulted in the app being nominated for the PEN (Patient Experience Network) National Awards in March 2016. I wish LHIS much success and would recommend them to anyone considering developing similar apps.


    Dr Girish Kunigiri MBBS, MD (Psy), DNB (Psy), MBA (Quality Management),
    Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult, Clinical Director East Midlands Mental Health Clinical Networ


    I have great pleasure in recommending NHS Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) for anyone considering developing Apps. I have collaborated and worked with LHIS since 2014. Following a successful bid to East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network Innovation Funds, NHS England, our Young Onset Dementia (YOD) team within Mental Health Services for Older People, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, developed an App for YOD patients and their carer, in collaboration with the LHIS, which is first of its kind as per our knowledge. This project was carried out during 2014-2016. It was showcased at the Annual Meeting for Old Age Psychiatry Faculty, Royal College of Psychiatrists, March 2016 and also at the Innovation Conference, Nottingham, April 2016. The YOD App has won couple of awards, (1) Highly Commended Award for the category Excellent Idea/ Innovation at the Celebrating Excellence event at LPT, April 2016 and (2) Highly Commended award at the National Care Coordination Association for category “Innovation to Support Service Development”, Oct 2016. I am continuing to collaborate with the LHIS team to develop another dementia App. I greatly appreciate the support; quality and professionalism of the entire team at LHIS who helped with YOD app. They were very friendly and approachable.  The team is very motivated and enthusiastic and would go beyond their limits in completing the tasks. Although it was new venture for us as clinicians and them to be working in such an area, they were quick in understanding our clinical needs, they attended patient and care focus groups for improvising the App, amended and updated the content based on expert suggestions and were great team players to work together in designing and developing the app. More importantly LHIS supported immensely in marketing the App, presentations in various academic conferences, and producing the leaflets/pamphlets. My special thanks to Sarah Ost, Service Delivery Manager, who lead the project on behalf of LHIS; Kerry Cyster, Product & Customer Support Officer, for designing and for vigorous quality check; and Gemma Clayton, Business and Marketing Manager, for compiling/editing videos and further enhancement of the overall design making it user friendly. I wish all the success to LHIS team


    Dr Latha Velayudhan MBBS, DPM (Psy), DNB (Psy), MD (Res),
    Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age Psychiatry Senior Clinical Lecturer (Hon), Institute of psychiatry, psychology and Neuroscience, Kings College London Reader (Hon), University of Leicester


    This is coming with appreciation re the ECT app you and colleagues developed. It is comprehensive and the availability of written , visual and audio information is very useful. I also think the information for professionals if read by a patients is not daunting , which allows for ECT to be destigmatised and seen as a medical procedure which we take seriously. I am the only accredited ECT Psychiatrist for this district where I  work in Australia and recently managed to wrangle more Consultant time for ECT which will allow me to streamline the service and train Registrars. For a service which did not have trained ECT nurses, we now have them and the nurses section will be useful there. I  see this app as an useful resource and see my team using it. Wishing you the best and congratulations again to you and your team.


    Anila Jacob,
    CMC Vellore Trained Psychiatrist


    I would like to thank the Leicestershire Health Informatics Service worker for sorting out all my laptop problems. Colin came out to Whitwick last week (on the same day that I phoned!). He was so helpful and sorted out several problems. Even more importantly, as far as I’m concerned, he didn’t once make me feel like a complete incompetent!! He’s friendly, knowledgeable, patient and has a great sense of humour! I do hope that you can identify him through looking at the call out log for last week. He really does deserve to get a Customer Service Award.  


    Sharon Gregory,
    Health visitor


    Your IT accounts administrator, has provided prompt, efficient and effective support to us, not just over the last year but for as long as I have known him. He is unfailingly polite, cheerful and approachable – significant qualities for those of us who are less than ‘experts’ and very much appreciated.  It goes without saying that his advice and expertise is accurate and reliable and this, added to his admirable attitude, makes him a staff member Leicestershire Health Informatics Service should be proud of.


    Julie Glover,
    Resource Manager