IT Infrastructure & Support

We offer the provision of ICT infrastructure and strategic ICT support services within a Primary Care setting, in line with GP IT best practice, market developments, relevant national guidance and other best practice.

This includes, but is not limited to:

ICT Infrastructure

Provision/sourcing of IT infrastructure including but not limited to network services (including Wi-Fi, HSCN, overlay services such as site to site connections, network monitoring and filtration services), telephony, IT equipment, specialist advice on commissioning/decommissioning IT systems and aligning/sharing infrastructure.

Management of Infrastructure

Managed IT estates services (n.b. IT assets purchased with NHS capital, e.g. for GP IT, will be retained by the NHS but may be managed by the supplier) including asset management, software licensing support for systems and associated software, e.g. anti-virus, encryption etc, version control and patch management, provision of desktop support/service desk, managed data hosting (including storage and server management), management of third party providers and integration of third party goods and services, print management and remote access to the clinical record solutions, including mobile device management.

IT Systems Functionality

Sourcing/provision and ongoing support of IT systems on behalf of the commissioners including but not limited to NHS Mail, Office365, system integration and interoperability, implementation and support of software solutions, remote access solutions and access control and administration, mobile applications development and electronic messaging for direct patient communication.