Data Management & Systems Integration Services

Our Data Management and Systems Integration Services provide managed hosting of data for third party applications or any other data repositories. Hosted data is subject to stringent security protocols and High Availability features can be provided as required to safeguard against failures. Pseudonymisation or anonymisation of data can also be provided to facilitate the secondary use of sensitive data.

With our Data Management expertise, you can consolidate data from multiple disparate sources into one comprehensive data warehouse, giving you easily manipulated homogeneous data to meet your business planning, performance monitoring and other reporting/analytical needs.

We are adept at processing large volumes of data with approximately 1.5 trillion records flow into our data processing and storage facilities every night.

In addition, our expertise in Systems Integration provides interconnectivity of disparate systems in real time. Our Systems Integration processes eliminate the need for entering the same data across multiple systems and reduces the risk of mistakes made in data entry.